Call for Papers: One or Several Deleuzes?

The first international Deleuze Studies conference

«One or Several Deleuzes?»

Cardiff University, Wales

August 11-13, 2008

The incredible body of research on Deleuze’s work that has emerged in the
past two decades – well over 130 books and literally thousands of articles
– has created a situation in which it is no longer possible for a lone
scholar to keep pace with new developments in the field. As scholars in
disciplines as far flung from each other as musicology, organisational
studies, philosophy and cultural studies embrace Deleuze this problem grows
ever more intractable. Compounding matters further, Deleuze scholarship
spans most languages. In the process there has appeared a highly contested
variety of Deleuzes – there is the political Deleuze, the apolitical
Deleuze, the philosophical Deleuze (who is a Kantian, a Nietzschean, a
Spinozist, a Stoic, etc.), the phenomenological Deleuze, the activist
Deleuze, and so on. Sponsored by the journal Deleuze Studies, the aim of
this conference is to bring all these Deleuzes into communication.

Participants include:
Hanjo Berressem
Ronald Bogue
Claire Colebrook
Gary Genosko
Eugene Holland
Dorothea Olkowski
John Protevi
James Williams

Convened by Ian Buchanan
Tim Matts and Aidan Tynan

Send panel proposals and abstracts to

Registration, accommodation options and program updates will be posted on
the web at:

Graduate Students may also be interested in attending Deleuze Camp 2 –
?When far too much Deleuze is barely enough!?.

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