cfp: Capital, Culture, Power: Criminalisation and Resistance

British-Irish Section of the European Group for the Study of Deviance
and Social Control

Capital, Culture, Power: Criminalisation and Resistance
2-4 July, 2008, Liverpool

Hosted by the University of Liverpool & Liverpool John Moores University

Call for Papers
2008 marks Liverpool’s celebration of its status as European
Capital of Culture.  In preparation, Liverpool has been undergoing a
physical and cultural regeneration that has in many ways transformed the
city as private capital and expertise has poured in. The transformation
of the local state into a growth machine has been accompanied by shifts
in crime control and community safety, spatial regulation, forms of
policing and discourses of urban belonging.
Like in other cities, there are significant undersides to urban
regeneration and the culture it seeks to impose – undersides which
rarely figure in official and academic discourse.  Much of Liverpool and
its surrounding areas remain scarred by poverty, under-employment, and
racism. At the same time, whilst the marginalised are subjected to
criminalisation, the social and criminal justice supports for the
victims of the crimes and harms of the powerful either remain virtually
non-existent or under threat. We wish to critically explore the extent
and direction of change in our cities and how these are re-framing
practices of power, justice and the right to the city.

Please submit abstracts of 100-200 words to any of the following, These
people can also be contacted for further details:

Roy Coleman             roy.coleman@
Lynn Hancock  
Joe Sim       
Steve Tombs   
Joe Yates             
Dave Whyte    

Booking & information:

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