LONDON, 2nd – 4th MAY 2008


This conference is about psychotherapy and political action that connects with the spirit of 1968 with papers on the intersection between psychotherapy and liberation. How can we build on the dynamic set in play by 1968? What are the lessons of struggles in the last forty years for what we do now? What practical steps should psychotherapists take now to link the personal and the political?

SPEAKERS: Our invited guest speakers link political struggle and personal change: Peter Tatchell and Hilary Wainwright. There will be plenary sessions, large and small group discussions and parallel paper sessions.

The conference organisers are Dick Blackwell (, Erica Burman ( and Ian Parker ( conference will be held at the IGA, 1 Daleham Gardens, London, NW3 5BY. Details update on

It was from the complex matrix and aftershocks of the events in 1968 that many radicals found their way into psychotherapy trainings; seeking perhaps some link between internal and external repression, between the internal struggles rooted in early life, intimate family relationships both past and present and the external political world in which those early experiences and family relationships were formed and conducted; seeking liberation from the power of our internal and external conflicts through the triumph of memory over repression. These events also saw the rebirth of the Women’s Liberation Movement, the emergence of Gay Liberation, the development of anti-racist movements and a questioning of leftist forms of organisation that failed to respond to the ‘personal’ aspects of political change. Now, can we speak in any meaningful way about a counter culture or a protest movement or are the progressive movements now fragmented into their own interest groups? Has identity politics failed to provide, or even undermined any sense of solidarity? Is feminism the bridge between the person and the political, and how does that transform traditional politics and psychotherapy?

SPONSORING ORGANISATIONS: Asylum: Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry (, the Discourse Unit (, eIpnosis (, the Group-Analytic Society (, the Institute for Group Analysis (, Manchester Psychoanalytic Matrix (, PCCS Books (, Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (, Psychotherapy Politics International (journal), Red Pepper ( and Temenos Person-Centred Education and Training ( Details update: on



CHAPLIN: Jocelyn Chaplin ‘Deep Equality’

CHAPMAN: Leslie Chapman ‘Is the personal political?’

COOPER (SYMPOSIUM): Pete Sanders, Gillian Proctor & Mick Cooper ‘Politicizing the Person-centered Approach: An Agenda for Social Change’

DAHLIN: Olov Dahlin ‘What did the Beatles sing spring 1968?’

GLADSTONE: Guy Gladstone ‘What’s The State Got To Do With It? Capturing the Psy Field’

HARPER: David Harper ‘Mental health politics then and now’

JARRETT: Maya Jarrett ‘Che Guevara in Bolivia’


MALKIN: Ann Malkin ‘South Africa in the sixties: complexities of the anti-apartheid struggle’

MELZAK: Sheila Melzak ‘From anti-war demos to psychoanalytic psychotherapy with former child and adolescent soldiers’: forty years of building and dismantling (internal and external) walls, borders and boundaries’

MILLER: John Miller ‘Cold War and Political Correctness Today’

MITCHISON: Sally Mitchison ‘Class relations and individual consciousness: a neglected dynamic in analytic group therapy’

MOUNTIAN: Ilana Mountian ‘Some questions around the Otherness of Asylum Seekers in the UK’

MOURELI: Efrosini Moureli ‘Detecting the political in the work of psychotherapy’

NICHTERLEIN: Maria Nichterlein ‘Gilles Deleuze and Systemic/Family Therapy as practices of liberation’

OAKLEY: Haya Oakley ‘Did you use to be a Laingian? Life in the ‘Anti-Psychiatric’ fast lane’


PSAROUDAKIS: Stavros Psaroudakis ‘“Me no police…Psychologist…Doctor”: Versions and Subversions of Psychotherapy in Doing Psychological Work with Migrants in today’s Greece’

RIGG: Peter Rigg ‘Purposes Outside Ourselves’

SAMUELS: Andrew Samuels ‘Promiscuity Then and Now’


SEARS: Tamara Sears ‘Psychotherapy and Liberation’

SEIDLER: Vic Seidler ‘Transforming Masculinities: Between Therapy and Politics’

SKAIFE: Sally Skaife & Kevin Jones ‘Underneath the cobblestones, the beach’

SOUNDARAMOURTY: Radjou Soundaramourty ‘If all is possible, nothing is possible’

TOTTON (WORKSHOP): Nick Totton ‘Mourning the failed revolution’

VASILJEVIC: Lidija Vasiljevic ‘Gender inclusive psychotherapy- the influence of political activism and feminism on mental health issues in Serbia’

VIRDEN: Phil Virden ‘Understanding and Combating Psychophobia’

VOSNIADOU: Tania Vosniadou ‘From Demanding Emancipation to Negotiating Autonomy: Conflicting Identifications in a changing world’

WIDLUND: Inge Widlund ‘Liberation and Democracy after ‘68’

WINSHIP: Gary Winship ‘Rescuing anarchy in a post-democracy – towards a fourth strain of social progress’

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