Petition for the preservation of a psychoanalytical oriented, critical Social Psychology in Hanover (Germany)

Since the 1960s there has been a tradition of psychoanalytically substantiated Social Psychology linked to psychoanalytical oriented critical social theories, at the University of Hanover (Germany) that is now under the immediate threat of being closed down.

Hanover is not the only place where inconvenient psychoanalytical and, generally, critical thinking is being pushed out of universities. Accordingly, it is the more important to safeguard the few places where this form of science can still be passed on, updated, and developed.

The «Association Critical Social Psychology», a coalition of students from all disciplines in which Social Psychology is still involved, has launched a petition to demand the preservation or re-establishment of a researching and teaching Critical Social Psychology in Hanover that, at least in the German-speaking world, is unique in its focus.

Please support us: Sign the petition below and send it back to: Attached you will find the supplementary text for the petition. Our homepage will give you more information about the Association Critical Social Psychology and our campaigns (unfortunately it is in German, but we hope to have an English version available soon).

It would definitely be of great help for us if you could spread this mail via other mailing lists and forward it to potential supporters who are interested in socio-critical thought and psychoanalysis.

If you have any further ideas how to support us, be it appeals in newspapers or journals, placing links on your homepage, notices, or distributing signature lists (to be found on our homepage) in seminars, libraries, or research institutes or whatever comes to your mind, we would very much appreciate your engagement and/or receiving an email:

We thank you for your support!

All the best

Markus Brunner

Association Critical Social Psychology


Petition for the re-establishment of a Hanover Social Psychology that is viable for research, teachings, and criticism

With its socio-critical orientation and psychoanalytical foundation, Hanover’s Social Psychology is unique in the German-speaking university area. We deem it unacceptable that this form of analysis-oriented Political Psychology, despite its topical relevance and questions, should be banned from universities.

Accordingly, the signatories demand the immediate re-establishment of an unrestrictedly researching, teaching, and critical Department for Social Psychology at the Leibniz University, Hanover.

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