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Radical Psychology: A Journal of Psychology, Politics and Radicalism invites submissions for a special issue in our upcoming series on feminism and psychology focused on the topic of girlhood.


Radical Psychology provides a forum for scholars interested in social justice and the betterment of human welfare but dissatisfied with the manner in which mainstream psychology has addressed these issues.


The special issue of Radical Psychology seeks conceptual and empirical articles that address any issue relevant to girlhood (i.e. adolescent girls).


This may include but is not limited to:


·        Exploration and redefinition of girlhood and/or critical examination of theories of adolescence relating to girlhood


·        The otherness of girlhood (considerations of how the lived worlds of adolescent girls differ from those of adult women)


·        Girls’ understandings of identity and the exploration of the varied meanings of  girlhood including experiences connected to language, culture, race/racialization/racism, sexuality, social class, differing abilities or geographic location


·        Re-examination of constraints and gender inequalities for adolescent girls/young women


·        Gender rebellion and challenges to restrictive modes of femininity and sexuality, including experiences of lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered and questioning girls


·        Particular issues for adolescent girls/young women such as the surveillance and regulation of girls, developing female bodies,  violence and abuse, bullying and harassment, reproductive freedom and pregnancy


·        Strengths and strategies for change


·        Reflections on adults researching girlhood


We welcome articles written by academics, students, activists, and practitioners.


Deadline: 15 January 2008


Length: 2,000 8, 000 words


Please refer to the website for further style guidelines:


Send queries and/or manuscripts to Dr. Carol Kauppi, Associate Professor, Laurentian Unviersity:

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