Critique: An interdisciplinary day conference

26th June 2009
Dept of Social Sciences, Loughborough University

Critique and being critical are key notions across the
social sciences and humanities, but they are rarely
subject to discussion and examination. What do we mean by
?critique?? What does it mean to be ?critical?? Despite
being central to the whole approach to language and
semiosis advanced by CDA scholars, until recently, this
key concept has received surprisingly little (critical)
attention and explication. This comparative silence has
prompted a variety of scholars ? both sympathetic and
antagonistic to CDA as an analytic approach ? to fill this
gap with a variety of interpretive possibilities.

These and other issues will be addressed at the Critique
day conference ? the latest in a biannual series of events
organised by an informal international grouping of
Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) scholars.

CDA is a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary approach to
the examination of the role of language and semiosis in
social life, and the speakers have been chosen with this
heterogeneity in mind. The day conference will host four
speakers from cognate academic disciplines: sociology,
social psychology, linguistics and media studies. Each
speaker will summarise their approach to critical analysis
and provide an account of the enduring importance of
?being critical? in social research. The advantage of
limiting the day to four keynote speakers in this way
means that we maximise time for questions, discussion (and
critique!), and identify useful parallels and potential
areas of cross-fertilisation from the complementary
disciplinary approaches.??

Our confirmed speakers:

Professor Michael Billig, Professor of Social Sciences,
Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University:
?The language of critique?

Professor Paul Chilton, Department of Linguistics and
English Language, Lancaster University:
‘Critical perspectives?

Professor Lilie Chouliaraki, Professor of Media and
Communications, Department of Media, London School of
‘Critique as Phronesis: Ethics and the Critical Analysis
of Discourse’

Professor Andrew Sayer, Department of Sociology, Lancaster
?What is critical about critical social science??

Registration costs:
?20.00 Academic and academic related staff
?10.00 Students and researchers

Places are limited, so early registration is recommended.
Please email for a
registration form.

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