Is Black and Red Dead? Conference

ένα πολύ ενδιαφέρον συνέδριο, που δείχνει πως μπορούν να συμπλέκονται η πολιτική και η ακαδημαϊκή έρευνα για την αριστερά, με πολύ ενδιαφέρουσες εισηγήσεις, ακόμα και για το Δεκέμβρη 2008

Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice

University of Nottingham, 7 th -8 th September 2009

An academic conference organized and supported by the PSA Anarchist Studies Network, the PSA Marxism Specialist Group, Anarchist Studies, Capital & Class, Critique-Journal of Socialist Theory and Historical Materialism.

We are limited to only 40 places for non-paper givers. If you would like
to come to this event, you are strongly recommended to book early to
avoid disappointment. Registration closes on the 30th of June. Bursaries
are available. Please indicate how much you require on your registration
form. Full details on registration are available here:


Monday Sept 7 th

Registration: 09:00-10:45

Staff Club, University of Nottingham

10:45-11:00 Opening remarks

Session 1: 11:00-12:30

Panel 1: Convergence Through Practice 1: The New Left

Chair: t.b.c

Mike Mowbray (New) New Left?: radical considerations in Canada and Quebec from the post-1968 moment to today
Toby Boraman Councilist anarchism and carnival anarchism during the 1970s: a case study.
Sara Motta Post-Left Anarchism, Open Marxism and ‘New’ Autonomist Social Movements in Latin America

Panel 2: Politics, Ideology Revolution

Chair: t.b.c

Christian Garland The (Anti-) Politics of Autonomy: Between Marxism and Anarchism
Christopher Wellbrook ABOLISH CAPITAL!: Beyond the Marxist/Anarchist divide

Paul McLaughlin

Theory, Ideology, and Tradition: Reconciling Anarchism and Marxism

12:30-13:30: Lunch

Session 2: 13:30-15:00

Panel 3: Class Struggle,

Chair: Lea Haro

David J. Bailey Comparing the relative efficacy of different types of class struggle
Peter Kennedy Can Marxist and Anarchist explanations of the class struggle between Capitalists and workers be reconciled?
Paul B. Smith The origins of the collapse of the First International

Panel 4: The Psychology, Political Economy and Theology of A Schism

Chair: Ruth Kinna

Dana Ward And never the twain shall meet: The psychological foundations of political ideology
Benjamin Franks Moral Theory and Economics: The beginnings and ends of the schism….
Alex Christoyannopoulos Red and Black Christians: Some Similarities and Differences between Liberation Theology and Christian Anarchism

Session 3: 15:15-16:45

Panel 5: Ideology and Post-Ideology 1

Chair: t.b.c

Elena Loizidou Anarchy: ‘This is what Democracy looks like’
George Sotiropoulos Ideology and Politics: Overcoming the divide between red and black
Chiara Bottici Black and red: an historical-philosophical enquiry into their convergence.

Panel 6: Anarcho-Communism

Chair: Philip O’Sullivan

Jean-Cristophe Angaut Beyond black and red: Situationnists and the legacy of the workers movement
Jérémy Tranmer Constructing an alternative to Marxism-Leninism: British Communists and prefigurative politics
Mathieu Le Tallec Trotskysm and anarchism: possible coexistence in France?

Session 4: 17:00-18:30

Panel 7: Black and Red – The Italian Experience

Chair: Alberto Toscano

Steve Wright and Saku Pinta Collegamenti Wobbly: Beyond the anarchist/Marxist dichotomy?’
Oisin Gilmore. Fabbri and the Marxists: A comparative analysis of Fabbri, Gramsci and Bordiga on the question of revolutionary organisation.
Carl Levy Antonio Gramsci, Anarchism, Syndicalism and Sovversivismo

Panel 8: The Philosophy of a Schism

Chair: Mark Cowling

Benoit Challand When Anarchism meets Critical Marxism: Paths and Paradoxes of “Socialisme ou Barbarie”
Thomas Swann Anarchism, Marxism and “Humanism”
Philip O’Sullivan Bakunin and Marx on the Paris Commune: Grounds for a synthesis between Anarchism and Marxism?

Conference Dinner

19:30, Staff Club, University of Nottingham

Tuesday 8th September

Session 5: 9:00-10:30

Panel 9: Individual Reconciliations 1: The Anglo-Americans

Chair: t.b.c

Andrew Cornell C.L.R. James’ Black Bloc: The Anti-Racist Roots of Contemporary Anarchism
David Goodway Chris Pallis (aka Maurice Brinton) and Solidarity
Ruth Kinna, Towards a synthesis of anarchism and Marxism
Christian Høgsbjerg A ‘Bohemian freelancer’? C.L.R. James, his early relationship to anarchism and the intellectual origins of autonomism

Panel 10: Convergence Through Practice 2: The Traditional Left

Chair: Ben Franks

Lewis Mates The Syndicalist challenge in the Durham coalfield before 1914
Saku Pinta Council Communist Perspectives on the Spanish Civil War
Christos Memos Lessons Taken from the Greek Uprising: The Marxist-Anarchist Controversy Reconsidered In and Through Radical Praxis

Session 6: 10.45-12.15

Panel 11: Individual reconciliations 2: The French

Chair: Alex Prichard

Dave Berry The Search for a Libertarian Communism: Daniel Guérin, Marxism and Anarchism
Renzo Llorente Georges Sorel’s Contribution to Anarcho-Marxism
Suzi Weissman Victor Serge – A Man of Our Time
Larry Portis Beyond the Rainbow: Overcoming Dogma and Confusion in the Articulation of Revolutionary Theory and Practice

Panel 6: Cartographies of resistance

Chair: t.b.c

Alberto Toscano Geography Against Capitalism
Benjamin Noys Zones
Stevphen Shukaitis Autonomy, Self-Organization, and the Spatial Composition of the Social Imaginary

Lunch 12:15-13:15

Session 7: 13.15-14.45

Panel 13: Marx and the Anarchists

Chair: Dave Berry

Matthijs Gardenier Autogestion et dictature du prolétariat
Nicolas Bressy ‘Un Marx libertaire? Dictature du Prolétariat chez Marx

Panel 14: Convergence Through Practice 3: Publishing


Jean Michel Kay Beyond ‘Red’ and ‘Black’: Publishing in the pursuit of libertarian socialism
Trevor Bark Mayday magazine on Red and Black theoretical perspectives

Session 8 15:00-16:30

Panel 15: Ideology and Post-Ideology 2

Chair: t.b.c

Andy Robinson Beyond the working-class: the politics of the excluded
Simon Choat Post-Anarchism and Marxism
David Bates Hardt and Negri: Anarchists or (Post)Marxists?

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