PDF Reader: New Public Spaces: Dissensual Political & Artistic Practices in the Post-Yugoslav context

Κάτι παίζει στην πρώην Γιουγκοσλαβία…

The reader New Public Spaces: Dissensual Political and
Artistic Practices in the post-Yugoslav Context
by Radical
Education Collective
is available in pdf on the
http://radical.temp.si <http://radical.temp.si/>

Edited by: Gal Kirn, Gasper Kralj and Bojana Piskur

*    Gasper Kralj –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Gasper.pdf> New Public Spaces

Struggles for spaces

*    Darij Zadnikar –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Darij.pdf> The Places Of
Rebellion And The Empty Space

*    Andrej Kurnik, Barbara Beznec –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/AndrejBarbara.pdf> Resident
Alien: The Rog Experience on the Margin

*    Polona Mozetic –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Polona.pdf> Workers’
Dormitory: From Private Property to Public Forum and Back

*    Tjasa Pureber –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Tjasa.pdf> Problems of
Resistance and Problems with Resistance

*    Gal Kirn, Antonis Vradis –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/GalAntonis.pdf> The
Alterglobalisation Movement Today

*    Andreja Kuluncic, Osman Pezic, Said Mujic, Ibrahim
Curic – <http://radical.temp.si/reader/Andreja.pdf> Workers
Without Frontiers

(Im)possible spaces of art

*    Bojana Piskur –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Bojana.pdf> Art in Becoming

*    TEMP –  <http://radical.temp.si/reader/TEMP.pdf> TEMP
about TEMP, or a quick and unsystematic retrospective of the
workings of one temporary and informal multidisciplinary

*    Janna Graham –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Janna.pdf> Love in a Time of
Hedging . Or How to Break Out of an Alien World

*    Radical Education Collective –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Interview.pdf> School of
Missing Identity: Conversation on Politics, Arts and
Education in Kosovo with Mehmet Behluli and Dren Maliqi

*    Sezgin Boynik –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Sezgin.pdf> Cultural Roots of
Contemporary Art in Kosovo

*    Marjetica Potrc –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Marjetica.pdf> Local
Democracies <http://radical.temp.si/reader/Sezgin.pdf>

*    Minna Henriksson –
<http://radical.temp.si/reader/Minna.pdf> Altered Landscapes

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