Connect, Continue, Create: Deleuze and Nomadic Methodologies

Amsterdam 12-14 July 2010

ASCA / CFH: Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis with the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University

“Philosophy needs a nonphilosophy that comprehends it; it needs a nonphilosophical comprehension just as art needs nonart and science needs nonscience”, Deleuze and Guattari argue in What is Philosophy?

The third annual International Deleuze Studies Conference will address the relevance of nomadic thought for contemporary scientific, critical and artistic practices. More specifically, it will explore the fast-growing new inter-connections among the three domains of art, science and philosophy, by mapping out and exploring the complex ways in which transdisciplinary encounters can be engendered. Combining critique with creation, the conference will focus on issues of methodology by positioning Deleuze’s philosophical work as the missing link among different domains of scientific enquiry, philosophical and artistic practice today. Central questions are: what are the different ways of interference among these different areas? What kind of methodological implications do their dynamic encounters entail? What are the limits of transdisciplinary connections, relations and fields? What kind of research is art practice? In a world that is increasingly technologically linked and globally mediated, how can scientific disciplines connect in distinctive and productive ways both among themselves and with practices located in the world of art and thought? The conference rests on the assumption that rhizomatic growth and inter-relations are unpredictable but this does not mean that they proceed randomly. Connections may be broken but will always continue to grow in other directions and create new encounters, new thoughts and new affects. The notion of creation itself is thus an important one that needs to be reconsidered and reevaluated.

Parallel to the conference several art events and film screenings will take place in Amsterdam and Utrecht.
Conference Organizers: Prof. Patricia Pisters, University of Amsterdam; Prof. Rosi Braidotti, University of Utrecht.

For more information please contact Maryn Wilkinson at:
Please see also the conference website at

Mille Gilles: Deleuze Camp 4

Preceding the conference students can participate in the Deleuze camp Mille Gilles which will take place from 5-9 July 2010 in Amsterdam. In intensive sessions participants will read texts by Deleuze and Deleuze scholars with the help of experienced scholars from different disciplinary fields. The Deleuze camp also includes a student forum in which participants can launch their own ideas and questions. Places are limited.
Please address your application to Amir Vodka at

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