cfp: 5th international Making Projects Critical workshop

το βάζω επειδή μεγάλο μέρος της δουλειάς των ψυχολόγων στην Ελλάδα πάει να γίνει project work, σε ΜΚΟ, σε ΝΠΙΔ, ή και στον ιδιωτικό τομέα, οπότε έχει ενδιαφέρον η προσπάθεια να γίνουν λίγο critical.

We are pleased to announce the 5th international Making Projects Critical
, to be held at Bristol Business School (BBS) on January 21st – 22nd
The workshop will also be preceded by PhD Forum on the afternoon of
January 20th.

Keynote speakers at the workshop will be Prof. Martin Parker and Prof. David

The deadline for extended abstracts is 25th September 2009.

Details can also be found at the workshop website;

<b>Call for Papers</b>
The broad range of themes addressed in past workshops include issues of
power and domination in project settings, ethics and moral responsibility
within projects, tensions between standardisation and creativity in project
organisations, the limits to projectification and the dysfunctions of
project rationality. Contributions on any of these themes or related
critical topics drawing on pragmatic conceptualisations, empirical
ethnography, narratology or concrete case studies, would be welcome.

A key concern of this workshop is to employ critical perspectives to analyse
and evaluate the practice of project management and decision making as
evidenced in the approval, governance and control of project work and
project workers. We particularly welcome critical contributions which seek
to bridge the gap between abstract theorising and the practice of project
management. Such critique will be germane to those, such as project
managers, who work closely and struggle with the demands of project-based
organisation and who are trying to find more acceptable and
participative/democratic ways of coping with their roles. We would like to
encourage papers which address the widening range of sectors in which
organisations and organising are increasingly structured around the project
form by focusing on issues of context, values and power. This might
encompass the following fields:

– New Product Development and Innovation projects
– Urban Regeneration, Community Development and International Development
– Consultancy and Consulting projects
– Organisational Change projects – Projects in voluntary organisations
– New Media and IT related projects
– Art and Exhibition projects
– Environmental / Sustainability projects
– Event Management projects
– Research projects in both industry and academia

Contributions which adopt critical perspectives on the themes of
temporality, complexity, phronesis, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial
processes, sustainability, the knowledge economy, leadership,
professionalisation, pedagogy and education as related to the field of
project management studies will also be of interest to conference participants.

Please forward this message to colleagues to whom it may be of interest.

Any queries, please contact any member of the organising Committee:

Svetlana Cicmil ( and Peter Case(
Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, Bristol

Damian Hodgson (
Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

Monica Lindgren ( and Johann Packendorff
School of Industrial Engineering & Management, Royal Institute of
Technology, Stockholm

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