▫▫▫ 25 OCTOBER 2009

A day conference organised by The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and The Freud Museum, Central London Venue to be decided.

Is Psychoanalysis ‘middle class’?

Is the ‘talking cure’ only good for the chattering classes?

Do psychoanalytic institutions reproduce the class structure in which they are embedded?

These are some of the questions that will be explored and debated at the Conference on Class and Psychoanalysis organised by The Site and The Freud Museum. Speakers will investigate how the subtle effects of class enter the therapeutic relationship and question whether analytic theory itself has been immune from the impact of class. Is there a ‘class unconscious’ that affects the lives of patients, and how are we all shaped by the traumatic histories of class and class conflict? At a time when mental health is back on the political agenda, are disparities of mental health provision affected by class? For psychoanalytic psychotherapy, is ‘class’ the ‘return of the repressed’?

Keynote Lectures:

Stephen Frosh Where Did Class Go? Psychoanalysis And Social Identities;

Jeffrey Weeks An ‘Untenable Illusion’? The Problematic Marriage Of Freud And Marx.

Plenary Talks:

Keith Armitage: Young Middle Class And Black;

Paul Gurney: The Acc(Id)Ental Tourist; Exploring The Tribal Areas Between Class And Race;

Kirsty Hall: The Two Cultures Of Therapy;

Alan Pope: All Things Bright And Beautiful; Revisiting ‘The Uses Of Literacy’;

Sally Sales: The Making Of Docile Working Class Subjects; C.B.T., Class And The Failures Of Psychoanalysis.

Register online at Please put ‘Class Conference’ in the ‘Item’ field. If applying for more than one ticket, please add all names and professions in the empty fields or email and put ‘Class Conference’ in the subject field.

Or Please send a cheque payable to The Freud Museum Conference Secretary, The Freud Museum, 20 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 5SX. Tel: 020 7435 2002.



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