*Confronting the Global: Alternatives, Alterity, Solidarity* Conference

University of Warwick,
September 8-9, 2011*

Conference co-funded/organised by the PSA Anarchist Studies Network, the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (University of
Warwick), the BISA International Political Economy Group, the BISA Poststructural Politics Working Group, and the BISA Marxism and International Relations Working Group.

/Plenary Roundtable/:

*Gurminder Bhambra*, University of Warwick;
*Richard Day*, Queen’s University, Ontario;

*John Hobson*, University of Sheffield;

*Marysia Zalewski*, University of Aberdeen

_Schedule (Draft)_

_Day 1: Thursday 8^th September_



10:45*Panel Session 1: International Political Theory*

Alex Prichard (LSE): The multi-dimensional anarchy of the global

Alexandre Christoyannopolous (Loughborough): Leo Tolstoy’s Postsecular
International Thought

Noel Parker (Copenhagen): Imperialism and Internationality

Erika Cudworth (UEL) and Steve Hobden (UEL): For a posthuman
international relations

12:30 Lunch

13:30*Panel Session 2:**International Political Economy*

Salvador Santino Regilme (Osnabr?ck): Neoliberal Hegemony, Globalization
and Democratic Consolidation: A New Path to Theorizing via Critical
Sociological Institutionalism

Hae-Yung Song: Confronting the ‘National’ before the ‘Global’:
State-Centrism in IPE Theories

Oisin Gilmore (UCL): Theories of Money and Struggle: From Operaismo to
Open Marxism

Angela Wigger (Radboud) and Hubert Buch-Hansen (Copenhagen Business
School): After Over-Competition: A Radical Manifesto for Redesigning the
Anarchy of Global Competition


15:00*Panel Session 3: **Rethinking the International*

Tania Mancheno (Hamburg): Plurinationalism – a New Political Order, also
a New Order of the Political?

Jenny Pickerill (Leicester) and Adam J. Barker (Leicester): Radicalising
Relationships To and Through Shared Geographies

Raluca Soreanu(UCL) and Norbert Petrovici (Babes-Bolyai): From the
radical imagination to the social imaginary: re-thinking the international

Roy Krovel (Oslo): Challenges for anarchist thinking on the environment
posed by global climate change and the need for urgent collective action
based on theoretical understandings of the nature and reality of climate


17:00*Panel Session 4: The **Alter-Globalisation Movement*

C. Burak Tansel (Nottingham): Beyond the Local/Global Binary:
Deterritorialised Resistance of the ‘Movement of Movements’

Peter Funke (South Florida): Limits of Anarchist Practices: Contemporary
Social Movement Politics against Neoliberal Capitalism – from Indymedia
to the World Social Forum

Ruth Reitan (Miami): Marxist, Anarchist, Autonomist, and Indigenous
Currents within Climate Activism: A Study of the Climate Justice Action
(CJA) Network

18:30End Day 1

_Day 2: Friday 9^th September_

10:15*Panel Session 4: **Dissenting Subjectivities*

Lara Coleman (Durham): Governing Resistance: Security, Exception and
Docile Dissent

Chris Rossdale (Warwick): I am not an agent of security, I am dynamite!
Nietzsche, anarchism, and the curse of emancipation

Christos Pallas (Essex): Problematization(s): the political uses of
poststructuralism from the struggles against Apartheid to the present

Anna Szolucha (Polish Academy of Sciences): I am getting there’ – what
does a Lacanian act do to the anarchist subject?


13:00*Panel Session 6: **Case Studies*

Hugo Arend (Porto Alegre): Brazilian Perspectives on the International:
Solidarity, Pragmatism and Emancipation

Elizabeth Cobbett (Carleton): Elderly at the Borders: The case of the
South African Older Person’s Grant

Maurice Stierl (Warwick): Resistance and the ‘politics of discomfort’: A
case study of ‘No-one is Illegal’


14:45*Plenary Roundtable*

John Hobson, University of Sheffield

Marysia Zalewski, University of Aberdeen

Gurminder Bhambra, University of Warwick

Richard Day, Queen’s University



One comment on “*Confronting the Global: Alternatives, Alterity, Solidarity* Conference

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