cfp: 8th international conference on the Dialogical Self

Exploration of the dialogical self has a broad scope, including areas as far-reaching as
literary science, brain research, empirical psychology, and psychotherapy practice. It brings together different fields of psychology, such as personality, developmental, social, and clinical psychology. Increasingly, educational researchers use the theory to make meaning
of the complexity of classroom practice. Across these diverse fields, the concept of the dialogical self provides an interdisciplinary platform for innovative research, theory and practice.

August 19-22, 2014 the research group Pedagogy of Vocational and Professional Development at The Hague University of Applied Sciences will organize the ‘8th International Conference on the Dialogical Self’ in close cooperation with the International Society for Dialogical Science’.

Submissions for symposia, individual papers, posters and workshops are welcome
We invite proposals that either engage in discipline-specific scholarship on ‘the Dialogical Self’ or that seek some form of interdisciplinary approach. For an overview of theory, method and practice, see:
Hubert Hermans and Agnieszka Hermans-Konopka, Dialogical Self Theory: Positioning and Counter-Positioning in a Globalizing Society. Cambridge University Press, 2010

Portal is now open for receiving proposals.

Deadline for submission is January 1th, 2014.
Post-conference workshop on the practical implications of the dialogical self
by Hubert Hermans and Agnieszka Hermans-Konopka
Chair organizing committee
Dr. Frans Meijers, professor Pedagogy of Vocational and Professional Development of The Hague University of Applied Sciences,

Keynote speakers
• Marie-Cecile Bertau, PhD, University of Munich, Germany
• Hubert Hermans, PhD, International Institute for the
Dialogical Self, The Netherlands
• Lene Arnett Jensen, PhD, Clark University, USA
• Piotr Oles, PhD, John Paul University, Lublin, Poland
• Jaap Belzen, PhD, University of Amsterdam, The
Featured Lecturers
• Vincent Hevern, PhD, LeMoyne College, USA
• Frans Meijers, PhD, The Hague University, The
• Jaan Valsiner, PhD, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Invited workshop
• Aris Lanaridis, composer, UK
• Alexander Komlosi, actor and theatre director, Czech
• John Rowan, PhD, UK
Invited symposium organizers
• Sunil Bhatia, PhD, USA
• Nandita Chaudhary, PhD, India
• James Day, PhD, Belgium
• Bob Fecho, PhD, USA
• Eugenie Georgaka, PhD, Greece
• Thorsten Gieser, PhD, Germany
• Alex Gillespie, PhD, UK
• Miguel Goncalves, PhD, Portugal
• Michael Guilfoyle, PhD, South-Africa
• Henryk Gasiul, PhD, Poland
• Agnieszka Hermans-Konopka, PhD, The Netherlands
• Pernille Hviid, PhD, Denmark
• Toos van Huijgevoort, PhD, The Netherlands
• Joanna Krotofil, PhD, UK
• Reineke Lengelle, MA, Canada
• Beatrice Ligorio, PhD, Italy
• Jack Martin, PhD, Canada
• Toon van Meijl, PhD, The Netherlands
• Dina Nir, PhD, Israel
• Evangelia Prokopiou, PhD, UK
• Joao Salgado, PhD, Portugal
• Tatsuya Sato, PhD, Japan
• Henk Stam, PhD, Canada
• Jaan Valsiner, PhD, Denmark
• Bartosz Zalewski, PhD, Poland
• Hetty Zock, PhD, The Netherlands



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