ARCP 10: Critical Psychology in a Changing World: Building Bridges and Expanding the Dialogue

This issue of the Annual Review of Critical Psychology is devoted to critical work around the world. This journey began in 2006 with ARCP 5: Critical Psychology in a Changing World. In this leg of the journey, the 49 papers of this issue will take the reader on a very informative tour around the globe, visiting psychological scholarship in places such as Aotearoa-New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Flandern, France, German Speaking countries, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Philippine, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, and USA.

Contents of ARCP 10

This World is not Enough: the Dialectics of Critical Psychology
Manolis Dafermos, Athanasios Marvakis, Mihalis Mentinis, Desmond Painter & Sofia Triliva

Aotearoa-New Zealand Ι
Pasifikology. News from psychologies’ margins in Aotearoa/New Zealand: An interview with Siautu Alefaio-Tugia
Mandy Morgan & Leigh Coombes

Aotearoa-New Zealand II
Studying Racism in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Keith Tuffin

Why are they confined? The knowledge and practices of institutionalised children
Jorgelina Di Iorio & Susana Seidmann

Critical psychology in a context of ongoing acts of colonisation

The challenge of being a critical psychologist in times of crisis: An example from Austria
Reinhilde Trinks, Andrea Birbaumer & Anna Keclik

Brazil I
Critical Psychology in Brazil: A Sketch of its History between the End of the 20th Century and the Early 21st Century
Fernando Lacerda

Brazil II
Different facets, problems and potentialities for critical psychology in dealing with the everyday life of the Brazilian working class
Raquel Guzzo, Cristiane Marçal &Larissa Rybka

Brazil III
Critical social psychology in Brazil: politics, gender, and subjects of dissidence
Maria Juracy Tonelli, Katia Maheirie, Juliana Perucchi, Claudia Mayorga, Ilana Mountian & Marco Aurélio Maximo Prado

Brazil IV
Historical-Cultural Psychology, Marxism and Education
Silvana Calvo Tuleski Marilda Gonçalves Dias Facci & Sônia Mari Shima Barroco

Brazil V
Contributions of Schizoanalysis to Critical Psychology in Brazil
Domenico Uhng Hur

Brazil VI
Violence, guilt and act: Psychoanalysis and politics
Henrique Figueiredo Carneiro & collaborators

From the subjectivity of the object to the subjectivation of research: Practices of social research in Chile
Svenska Arensburg Castelli, Andrés Haye Molina, Francisco Jeanneret Brith, Juan Sandoval Moya & María José Reyes Andreani

China I
Working at the Borders: Reconstructing the History of Chinese Psychology from the Perspective of Critical Psychology
Bo Wang

China II
Critical Psychology is not psychology: an essay from the perspective of an ancient Chinese philosopher Gongsun Longzi written by a so-called Hong Kong psychologist
Fu Wai

China III
The Emergence of Modern Psychology in China, 1876 – 1922
Zhipeng Gao

Threats and Opportunities for Critical Psychology in Colombia: The Context of an Agenda
Ángela María Estrada Mesa

Psychology and Psychotherapy in Cuba Today: Important Figures and Theoretical Aspects
Raul Ernesto García

Dialectical Approaches in Recent Danish Critical Psychology
Kristine Kousholt & Rie Thomsen

The universality of the virtual absence of Critical Psychology in Flanders. Some personal remarks
Jan De Vos

Researching the other: the use of social distance in Critical Psychology research in France
Rebecca Weber & Alexandra Levasseur

German Speaking countries
Critical psychoanalytic social psychology in the German speaking countries
Markus Brunner, Nicole Burgermeister, Jan Lohl, Marc Schwietring & Sebastian Winter

Bologna process and neurohype: Current challenges to critical psychology in Germany
Vanessa Lux

The Cook, the Chef and their Lover: Reflexions on the Neoliberal Adventures of the «Greek» Self
Mihalis Mentinis

India I
At the Edge of (Critical) Psychology
Anup Dhar & Sabah Siddiqui

India II
Resounding Echoes from Afar: Defamiliarizing Psychology in India
Manasi Kumar & China Mills

Critical Psychology in Ireland: Diversity challenges unitary discourses about «the Irish»
Geraldine Moane

The origins, characteristics and development of Critical Psychology in Italy
Francesco Paolo Colucci & Lorenzo Montali

Critical Psychology in Japan: Voices for change
Yasuhiro Igarashi, Atsuko Aono, Tin Tin Htun, Satoshi Suzuki, & Hajime Tanabe

Latin America I
Three critical approaches to psychology in Latin America -their rise and fall
Fernando Luis González Rey & Albertina Mitjans Martínez

Latin America II
An Interview with Silvia Tatiana Maurer Lane (1933-2006): Pioneer of the Brazilian critical and community social psychology
Bernardo Jimenez Domínguez

Latin America III
Outlining Critical Psychology of Work in Latin America
Hernán Camilo Pulido Martínez

Mexico I
People in Motion: A Look at the Indigenous Cultures in Modern Michoacan
Ana María Méndez Puga, María de Lourdes Vargas Garduño, Alethia D. Vargas Silva, Eduardo Lugo Nolasco & Anayuli Torres Molina

Mexico II
Critical Psychology in Mexico: Realities and Potentialities
David Pavón Cuéllar, Mario Orozco Guzmán, Flor de María Gamboa Solís & Emilio Alfredo Huerta Arellano

Decolonizing the notion of mental illness and healing in Nigeria, West Africa
Adebayo Clement Akomolafe

Norway I
From an individualized to a societal social psychology: Ideology and ideological changes as reflected in language usage
Hilde Eileen Nafstad & Rolv Mikkel Blakar

Norway II
Doing Critical Psychology in a State of Affluence
Ole Jacob Madsen

Philippines I
Sikolohiyang Pilipino: 50 Years of Critical-Emancipatory Social Science in the Philippines
Narcisa Paredes-Canilao & Maria Ana Babaran-Diaz

Philippines II
Critical Research in Philippine Community Psychology
Ma. Nancy B. Florendo, Tala Aurora T. Salinas-Ramos & Maria Cecilia R. San Luis

Critical Feminist Psychology from the Semi-peripheral Southwest of Europe: The Intriguing Case of Portugal
João Manuel de Oliveira, Luísa Saavedra, Sofia Neves & Conceição Nogueira

Critical psychology without critical psychologists? Reflections on the critical potential of social representations theory in a post-communist society
Radu Neculau

On critical psychology in Slovenia
Metka Mencin Čeplak & Mirjana Ule

South Africa
Contexts and Continuities of Critique: Reflections on the Current State of Critical Psychology in South Africa
Desmond Painter, Peace Kiguwa & Werner Böhmke

Sri Lanka
Critical Psychology in Sri Lanka: The Buddhist perspective
Manjula Vithanapathirana

A Theory of the Gates of Stress in Everyday Life: A Challenge to Eurocentrism
Augustine Nwoye

Turkey I
Psychology as Labour, Criticism and Solidarity -An account of the critical psychology experience from Turkey
Barış Ö. Şensoy, Elif Okan, Güneş Kayacı, Miray Erbey & Özge Yılmaz

Turkey II
Critical Psychology in Turkey: Recent Developments
Aysel Kayaoğlu & Sertan Batur

United Kingdom
England’s Dreaming? UK critical psychology, 2011
John Cromby & Martin Willis

Activist Support as a Form of Critical Psychology Praxis
Tod Sloan

Critical Psychology without Social Theory in the US? Nancy Chodorow, Feminism and Relational Psychoanalysis
Bogdan Popa

Annual Review of Critical Psychology is an international peer-reviewed online open-access journal (ISSN 1746-739X)

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