Ephemera: Νέο Τεύχος για τον Τοπική αλληλεγγύη

Το νέο (φρέσκο από τον web illustrator) τεύχος του περιοδικού «εφήμερα» είναι αφιερωμένο στην τοπική αλληλεγγύη σε όλες τις τις μορφές. Η αλληλεγγύη θεωρείται ως μια ειδική μορφή συνεργασίας που μπορεί να ξεπεράσει σεχταριστικά ενδιαφέροντα και όρια. Περισσότερα στο δελτίο τύπου.
Ενδιαφέρον είναι ότι το τεύχος περιέχει 2 βιβλιοκριτικές του Ian Parker (MMU, DIscourse Unit) για βιβλία που αναφέρονται στον Ζίζεκ.

The new issue (7.3) of ephemera: theory & politics in organization,
entitled «Local Solidarity: Historical and Contemporary Experiments
in Socially Responsive Business Development» has just been published
at http://www.ephemeraweb.org. This latest special issue of ephemera
offers a critical engagement with and exploration of alternatives to
the normative framework of corporate social responsibility within
organization studies. Solidarity is a social bond of affection and
identity that unites family, tribe, ethnic group, and nation. It may
also extend to an inclusive view of humanity unmarred by invidious
distinctions. While all organizations and communities depend upon
group cohesion, solidarity is a special form of cooperation that may
transcend sectarian interests and boundaries. Among the social
institutions that may be described as instantiations of solidarity,
one would include social security, universal health care,
cooperatives, trade union federations, and social regulations of
broad public benefit. None of these reflect an abstract and
disinterested universalism. Rather, each links and realizes specific
interests within the context of universal guarantees.

This special issue of ephemera incorporates a diverse set of case
studies: Charles J. Whalen?s analysis of labor friendly economic
development efforts in Western New York State, Latha Poonamallee?s
consideration of an Indian town?s struggles to avoid the perils of
globalization, Richard Marens? account of labor?s pension fund
strategies, and John T. Luhman’s study of the potential of worker
cooperatives as a tool for social change. We hope that the
explorations of this special issue will instigate an appreciation for
fresh work to be done, both in life and in contemporary organization
studies research practices. As our guest editor David Jacobs
suggest, all are experiments in ?local solidarity,? solidaristic
initiatives which pursue shared economic security in an environment
dominated by large, hierarchical, profit-maximizing corporations. All
depend upon intertwined conceptions of enterprise and community

David Jacobs

Local Solidarity: Historical and Contemporary Experiments in Socially
Responsive Business Development

Charles J. Whalen
Union-Driven Economic Development Initiatives and Community
Solidarity in Western New York

Latha Poonamallee
Sustainability and Solidarity in a Globalized World: The Case of a
Local Network Economy in Rural India

Richard Marens
Extending Frames and Breaking Windows:Labor Activists as Shareholder

John T. Luhman
Worker-Ownership as an Instrument for solidarity and Social Change

Nick Butler
The Management of Populations

Ian Parker
Jodi?s Dream

Ian Parker
The Parallax Review

Martin Parker
The Physics and Metaphysics of Struggle

Scott Taylor
In defence of ? the bourgeoisie and capitalism

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